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Sociaal Psychiatrisch Verpleegkundige / Yoga docente

|| Vinyasa ||
Vinyasa Flow is based on practice in the lineage of Krishnamacharya (including the limbs of Ashtanga yoga) to build a dynamic, flowing Vinyasa practice, while the teacher provides a sequences and count the breath

|| Yoga & Mental Health ||
Therapeutic Yoga sessions are specially designed for people suffering from mental issues. Like for example PTSS, depression, anxiety or sleeping disorders. Based on practice in the lineage of Krishnamacharya (including the limbs of Ashtanga yoga), modified to fit each individuals’ needs at that moment to practice yoga one-on-one (privates) or in a (small) group. The classes seek to awaken each practitioner’s capacity for self-healing. It builds on the understanding that what we do on the mat has relevance beyond the mat, and that creating space and intelligence in the physical body – mirrors in the nervous system, mental body, emotional body, and spirit.

I teach clients at Molemann Tielens and Arkin Amsterdam.

|| Privates ||
Both therapeutic Yoga sessions or regular teachings based on the Krishnamacharya lineage to create more awareness in the practice of an individual student. Booked via Delight Yoga (Amsterdam center) or via The House of Love (Amsterdam center-east) or any other location.

All classes are in Dutch or English.

Also we organize network meetings and workshops. BE WELCOME TO JOIN - network meetings are FOR FREE! Sign in For the newsletter via the website to be invited.

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